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  • by Lis Churchward

    Was your initial reaction to this statement ‘you’ve gotta be joking’? (Or something more colourful… which involved a few beeps?). You’re probably aware that mental illness is being increasingly recognised in humans. The causes of illnesses such as depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder or aggression may have some environmental component but often they have a genetic basis as well. You may know someone, a close friend or family member, taking medication such as Prozac to deal with anxiety or depression issues which are having a debilitating effect on their daily lives. Why should pets be any different? In fact, the medications humans are taking to deal with their mental health issues have been tested on lab animals first to see if their moods were altered by them. So, if society is willing to take medications tested for their efficacy in animals, why are some people sceptical about using those same animal-tested drugs on their veterinary patients? Especially if training has not helped and behaviour modification and change of environment are not successful in helping their pet. Owners, like parents, understand that loneliness and separation anxiety are powerful emotions which, for pets left alone 5/7, can have disastrous consequences. Pets in 2-pet households can also embroil themselves in physically abusive relationships. Non-pet owners may find this concept laughable, but owners experiencing this frustrating and injurious problem certainly do not.

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    If you work in large animal or mixed practice, we have a range of CPD coming up over the next 6 months that caters for vets with differing needs in terms of level of commitment and time. There’s literally something for everyone. Struggling to manage work and life balance, but still keen for a mental refresher if you can fit it in around all your other commitments? Then our PodcastPLUS is ideal for you. Free to CVE Members (but very reasonably priced for non-Members at $60) this is short, sharp but highly informative CPD led by one of Australia’s foremost authorities.