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Cardiorespiratory Medicine

Cardiorespiratory Medicine

Enhance your clinical and diagnostic skills to treat and manage your cardiac and respiratory cases with confidence.

Cardiology and respiratory disease are so closely linked that it is natural to study them jointly. In particular, the vexing question of whether a case is cardiac or respiratory, or a combination of both will be one of the major focuses for the course.

Participants will first build a sound platform of clinical and diagnostic skills and will then apply these to a full range of real clinical problems – from nasal and upper respiratory through to cardiac, pulmonary, pleural and mediastinal disease processes.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Learn how to obtain maximum information from clinical examinations and how to interpret thoracic radiographs with accuracy and confidence

  • Learn to interpret ECGs, particularly those troublesome arrhythmias and improve your understanding of the basics of echocardiography and experience its use in a wide variety of disease processes

  • Gain a clear overview of the appropriate medical therapy of cardiac and respiratory disease and an understanding of how to manage arrhythmias

  • Gain expertise through a systematic study of all the categories of heart disease (valvular, myocardial, pericardial, arrhythmias and heartworm disease) and related topics, such as hypertension and hyperthyroidism

  • Develop a greater understanding of the full range of respiratory disease processes


  1. Where is the Problem?

  2. Diagnostic Aids 1: Radiology and Respiratory Diagnostics

  3. Diagnostic Aids 2: Echocardiography and Thoracic Ultrasound Electrocardiography

  4. Cardiac Therapy

  5. Respiratory Therapy, Congenital Heart Defects

  6. Acquired Heart Diseases: Valvular Disease - Diagnosis and Management

  7. Airway Diseases in Dogs and Cats: Diagnosis and Management

  8. Cardiomyopathies of the Dog and Cat

  9. Lower Respiratory Tract Disease

  10. Pleural Mediastinal and Pericardial Diseases: Diagnosis and Management; Systemic Hypertension

Course Delivery

This online course comes with:

  • A set of detailed written notes, images, videos, audio files and journal articles

  • Self-reflection tasks to review your current knowledge and focus on the topic at hand

  • A discussion forum for conversation, debate and sharing cases with your peers and tutors

  • A monthly assignment and case submission to assess your understanding of each topic. Individual feedback, explanations  and model answers will be provided by your tutor

  • A practical 2 day workshop where you will get hands-on echocardiography experience and discuss case studies and common problems as a group

Pay as you learn

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Distance Education

Thursday 1 February - Friday 30 November 2018
2 Day Workshop
Delivered Online
Super Early Bird
30 June 2017
Early Bird
31 October 2017


DVM PhD Dipl. ECVIM-CA (Cardiology)

Niek Beijerink graduated with a veterinary degree from Utrecht University in The Netherlands. He completed a PhD (canine endocrinology and reproduction) in 2007 and then a residency in Small Animal Cardiology in 2010. He is a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (Cardiology). In 2011 Niek commenced working as a Specialist in Small Animal Cardiology at Sydney University and is responsible for the clinical service and teaching in this area. Some of his active research interests are heart failure therapy, cardiac CT imaging, and stem cell therapy for heart disease. Niek is the tutor in the CVE Cardiorespiratory Medicine Distance Education course.

Course Fees

Member TypeSuper early birdEarly birdFull rate
Non-member / eMember$6100$6400$6600
*Members include: Practice, Professional, Part-time, Recent Graduate, Academic and Student members

Please note: All course fees will be charged in Australian dollars AND you must be a qualified veterinarian to enrol in this courses.

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