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Feline Emergencies

An introduction to emergency medicine with particular emphasis on treating cats.

Much of what we do in veterinary emergency medicine is extrapolated from human medicine and while we learn more about the unique pathophysiology of disease and responses to treatment in cats, evidence for emergency treatment in cats is scarce. 

This course will present the latest evidence based approach to feline emergency, combined with tutors personal experience treating cats in the emergency setting, and will get you up to speed in the key areas needed to provide effective emergency care to cats. The course covers triage, shock and fluid therapy, as well as treatment of common toxicities. The unique aspects of caring for cats in the emergency and critical care settings will also be addressed. 

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Confidently assess a cat that is presented as an emergency, perform emergency database blood tests and monitor emergency treatment

  • Confidently recognise the clinical signs of shock in the cat and apply their newly developed knowledge of the pathophysiology of shock to guide treatment.

  • Understand the clinical implications of the numbers generated by the monitoring equipment and know when intervention is required to treat deviations from normal in your patients

  • Provide emergency treatment to a cat with a suspected intoxication 


  1. Triage of the feline patient, emergency database blood tests and their interpretation

  2. Shock and fluid therapy in cats including transfusion medicine

  3. Feline critical care: analgesia, assisted nutrition techniques, urinary catheter care, oxygen therapy

  4. Toxicities: paracetamol, permethrin, lilies and snake bites and their treatment

RACE approved for 10 CE hours

This program 1147-29639 was reviewed and approved by the AAVSB RACE program for 10 hours of continuing education. Participants should be aware that some boards have limitations on the number of hours accepted in certain categories and/or restrictions on certain methods of delivery of continuing education. Please contact the AAVSB RACE program if you have any comments/concerns regarding this program’s validity or relevancy to the veterinary profession.

This RACE approval is for the subject matter categories of: Category One: Scientific using the delivery method of Non-Interactive-Distance.

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Monday 8 May - Sunday 4 June 2017
Delivered Online



Trudi McAlees is a Massey Graduate who started her career in NZ in a mainly dairy practice, followed by locum work in the UK before moving to Melbourne in 2000 to pursue a residency in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care. Trudi has memberships of the ANZCVS in Anaesthesia and Critical Care, and in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care and was the first person to achieve Fellowship in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in 2008.

Trudi worked at the University of Melbourne teaching hospital for 10 years before returning to private practice where she worked as medical director in a private, 2-clinic 24-hour emergency and critical care centre in Melbourne. Trudi is committed to post-graduate education, with a passion for improving the ability of practitioners to deal with emergencies, and in decreasing the angst often accompanying these cases. Trudi has a particular interest in analgesia, ventilation and multi-trauma cases. Trudi presents the CVE’s Feline Emergency TimeOnline course & is co-tutor of the Emergency Medicine Distance Education along with Sandra Forsyth.

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Non-member / eMember$578
*Members include: Practice, Professional and Academic members

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