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Vet Cookbook

Support the world’s first Vet Cookbook!

All profits donated to veterinary mental health initiatives

Image: Bombay Potatoes – recipe and image courtesy of Deepa Gopinath

Thankfully, mental health in veterinarians is receiving increasing attention, but how many of us can identify the early, often insidious signs of anxiety or other early mental health conditions?

One form of relaxation for many vets I know is cooking. The CVE is proud to be involved in an initiative of two vets – Anne Fawcett and Deepa Gopinath – and two vet nurses – Asti May and Jenna Moss-Davis – who have compiled the Vet Cookbook to be published prior to Christmas. The book not only contains over 100 recipes submitted by vets, vet nurses and others, but also addresses the issue of mental well-being in the profession. All surplus funds raised from the sale of the Vet Cookbook will be donated to mental health causes (the details are being finalised), so please order copies as gifts for family, friends and colleagues.

Watch this space!

We hope to have this book published in November, so please keep an eye out on our website and in emails to find out how you can purchase a copy of the world’s first Vet Cookbook and support mental health in the profession. Read the latest on the Small Animal Talk blog.

Dr Hugh White
CVE Director