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Explore videos on a range of topics both of veterinary and general interest.

The CVE Video Library gives you access to some of the best and most up-to-date veterinary CPD available, all from the comfort of your practice or home.

This will be an ever-expanding resource. Some video content from CVE CPD courses is restricted to CVE members and is a major CVE Member benefit. In order to access all of the video library resources, become a CVE Member.


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Presenter/s: Karina Graham

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Presenter/s: Patrick Byrne

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Presenter/s: Georgina Childs

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Presenter/s: Sarah Davies

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Presenter/s: Sophie Constable, Scott Spurling, Dewayne Foster

Presenter/s: John August

1:32:49 · PIVE Conference

Presenter/s: Charmaine Tham

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1:04:53 · PodcastPLUS

Presenter/s: Paul Cusack

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55:21 · PodcastPLUS

Presenter/s: Robin Bell

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47:17 · PodcastPLUS

Presenter/s: Wilhelmina Husta