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Nutrition and disease in man and companion animals.

Animals and humans get many of the same diseases yet human physicians and veterinarians rarely share their knowledge.

Zoobiquity explores how the commonality of animals and humans can be used to diagnose, treat, and heal patients of all species. Drawing on the latest insights from both medical and veterinary science – as well as evolutionary biology and molecular genetics – Zoobiquity proposes an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to physiological, nutritional and behavioural health.

The inaugural Zoobiquity Conference 2015 was held on 27 February 2015.



Presenter/s: Christine Hawke

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15:21 · Zoobiquity

Presenter/s: Clive Wright

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13:36 · Zoobiquity

Presenter/s: Timothy Gill

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Presenter/s: Louise Baur

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Presenter/s: Linda Fleeman

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Presenter/s: Amanda Salis

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Presenter/s: James Harris

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Presenter/s: Christina Adler

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Presenter/s: David Raubenheimer

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24:44 · Zoobiquity

Presenter/s: Delisa Appleton

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