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Avian Anaesthesia TimeOnline

Avian Anaesthesia TimeOnline

Avian practice requires the frequent use of analgesia and anaesthesia to better manage patients and achieve good outcomes. Yet many veterinarians are uncomfortable with, and nervous of, avian anaesthesia. 

And rightly so – Brodbelt’s study, The risk of death: the Confidential Enquiry into Perioperative Small Animal Fatalities, showed that avian patients are much more likely to die under anaesthesia than other species. Bob Doneley is firm of the opinion that this higher risk is related more to how anaesthesia is managed, rather than an inherent susceptibility to death.

The management of pain in avian patients is another area of concern. As a ‘prey species’, birds are masters at concealing signs of pain from potential predators. As with other species though, the pain has a detrimental effect on patient morbidity and mortality. Veterinary clinicians have both moral and clinical reasons to both recognise signs of pain and treat it effectively.

This course aims to provide practitioners with the information needed to better understand the requirements for the successful management of avian anaesthesia, to recognise signs of pain in their patients, and how to deal with it.

Past Participant:

Dr Bob Doneley is one of the most helpful, resourceful and efficient teachers I have known - he not only provided excellent course content that was applicable to all vets, but provided excellent videos which are great for those who benefit more from visual aids, like me. Very happy and worth every cent.
Sabrina Killius

Learning Outcomes 

By successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand avian anatomy and physiology as it relates to the effects of anaesthesia
  • Recognise signs of pain and develop an effective analgesic plan to manage it
  • Understand the risks involved in avian anaesthesia and how to best prevent or minimise these risks
  • Develop an anaesthesia plan for an avian patient


  1. Clinical anatomy and physiology
  2. Analgesia
  3. Anaesthesia mortality in birds - keeping them alive!
  4. Avian anaesthesia

What is a TimeOnline?

Flexible and accessible online CPD

TimeOnline is quality online education delivered by veterinary experts in short, manageable timeframes.

Build in-demand skills in key clinical areas. Engage with your tutor/s and other participants through an active discussion forum. The programs are further enhanced by concise core notes, video presentations, case studies, images, useful links and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge and round out the program. Earn 10 CPD point with completion of each TimeOnline course.

Who should enrol?

This course is suitable for qualified veterinarians. Veterinary students are welcome to enrol.

Registrant Type Price
Member* $486
Recent Graduate / Part-time Professional Member  $303
Student Member $152
eMember / Non-Member $607

*Members include: Practice, Professional and Academic members.

Tuesday, 06 April 2021 to
Sunday, 02 May 2021
10 CPD Point/s
Delivered Online

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Dr Robert J. Doneley
Bob Doneley
BVSc FANZCVS (Avian Medicine) CMAVA
Dr Robert J. Doneley
Bob Doneley
BVSc FANZCVS (Avian Medicine) CMAVA
Bob Doneley is an Associate Professor in Avian and Exotic Pet Medicine at the University of Queensland. After graduating from UQ in 1982 and working as an associate in practices in...


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