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Equine Lameness TimeOnline

Equine Lameness TimeOnline

This course aims to help you diagnose and treat challenging equine lameness cases 

This course will review and provide key tips on how to do an effective physical exam, when and how to use diagnostic analgesia and the pros and cons of different techniques. We will delve into imaging and you will discover what modality to choose and how to get the best results. We will then discuss advanced imaging to find out what other imaging options there are, and how to use that information. Finally we will review advances in treatment options, what is new and why does it work (or not).

Past Participant:

Fantastic tutors! Really appreciate the time and effort they put into this course!
Dave Nolan, Meander Valley Veterinary Clinic

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Understand the range of options for achieving accurate diagnosis of complicated lameness cases
  • Describe the range of available imaging techniques that can be used to improve case outcomes in both general and referral practice
  • See knowledge applied through multimedia demonstrations of techniques and case outcomes
  • Update knowledge on new and emerging treatment options


  1. Lameness examination - physical, history, "seeing lameness" and diagnostic analgesia
  2. What imaging modality to choose and how to get the best results
  3. Advanced imaging - what options exist and how to use that information
  4. Cases and treatment

What is a TimeOnline?

Flexible and accessible online CPD

TimeOnline is quality online education delivered by veterinary experts in short, manageable timeframes.

Build in-demand skills in key clinical areas. Engage with your tutor/s and other participants through an active discussion forum. The programs are further enhanced by concise core notes, video presentations, case studies, images, useful links and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge and round out the program. Earn 10 CPD point with completion of each TimeOnline course.

Who should enrol?

This course is suitable for qualified veterinarians. Student members are also welcome to enrol.

Veterinary nurses/technicians with a special interest in the topic are also welcome to enrol in this course. Please be aware that the course is designed for qualified veterinarians and you should consider this in light of your knowledge and experience before you register.

Registrant Type Price
Member* $486
Recent Graduate / Part-time Professional Member  $303
Nurse member $303
Student Member $152
eMember / Non-Member $607

*Members include: Practice, Professional and Academic members.

Monday, 24 May 2021 to
Sunday, 20 June 2021
10 CPD Point/s
Delivered Online

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Dr Alex Young
Alex Young
BVSc (Hons I) Dipl. ACVR
Dr Benjamin Ahern
Ben Ahern
Dr Alex Young
Alex Young
BVSc (Hons I) Dipl. ACVR
Alex graduated from the University of Sydney in 2004. She completed a 1-year equine internship at Agnes Banks Equine Clinic, NSW Australia, before staying on as an ambulatory veter...
Dr Benjamin Ahern
Ben Ahern
Ben is a UQ Vet School graduate who grew up in south east Queensland. The son of local veterinarians Trevor and Sue from Beaudesert, Ben travelled abroad for his surgical training ...


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