CVE Student Ambassadors

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Ms Lauren Caspersz
Lauren Caspersz
Murdoch University - BSc/DVM
Hello! I'm Lauren, and I am a second-year vet student at Murdoch University. My background is in animal health and disease, having previously done a BSc (Hons) focusing on the resp...
Caroline Duddy
Caroline Duddy
Charles Sturt University - BVSc
I’m a vet student at CSU. I also have a Bachelor in Animal Science where I focused primarily on Biomedicine, in the field of clinical pathology, as well as Livestock production. I ...
Ms Holly R. Hender
Holly Hender
Massey University - BVSc
I'm a veterinary student at Massey University, in New Zealand. As a strong believer in hands-on learning, I am president of the 'Massey SPCA Desexing Clinic', which aims to provide...
Ms Sharon Koren
Sharon Koren
University of Sydney - DVM
My name is Sharon Koren and I am DVM2 candidate at the University of Sydney. I chose to become a CVE student ambassador due to my passion for expanding my clinical knowledge. I am ...
Mr Andy Li Lin
Andy Li Lin
University of Queensland - BVSc
I find veterinary medicine very interesting and I want to learn as much as possible. However, this profession is constantly growing and getting better each day. Therefore, I want t...
Emma  Maley
Emma Maley
University of Adelaide - DVM
Hi, my name is Emma and I've just entered my DVM this year which has been super exciting! It's a huge workload but I love a challenge. I've owned animals all my life from hermit cr...
Carlee J. May
Carlee May
University of Queensland - BVSc
I'm in my third year of Vet Science at the University of Queensland. The closer to graduation I get the more exciting it is! As our learning will never stop, I think being a CVE st...
Ms Emma Middlemass
Emma Middlemass
Massey University - BVSc
I’m a fourth year Veterinary Science student at Massey University in New Zealand. I’m thoroughly enjoying the degree and when I’m not studying you’ll find me out on a bike or with ...
Mr Matthew J. Norton
Matthew Norton
University of Sydney - DVM
My name is Matthew Norton. I became involved with the CVE after working with Dr Robin Stanley, a previous Tom Hungerford Award recipient that has established and tutors a number of...
Stephanie Oliphant
Stephanie Oliphant
University of Adelaide - DVM
Hi my name is Stephanie Oliphant. I am the new CVE ambassador for University of Adelaide, I am currently in my second year of my 6 year Veterinary degree after doing 5 years of pre...
Ms Lorna M. Undy
Lorna Undy
University of Melbourne - DVM
My name is Lorna and I'm excited to be involved with CVE via their Ambassador Program in 2019! I first heard about CVE through our previous ambassador and met them again at the rec...
Ms Mimi Von Meffe
Mimi Von Meffe
University of Sydney - BVBio & DVM
After graduating her first degree in 3D animation, Mimi went traveling and took on a volunteer role as a zoo keeper assistant. That was when she realised her true passion lies in a...
Zoe LM Walker
Zoe Walker
James Cook University - BVSc
I am a fourth year veterinary science student at James Cook University in Townsville. I was lucky enough to become a CVE member early on in my degree and have used the resources av...
Frances Zewe
Frances Zewe
University of Sydney - DVM
I started the DVM at Sydney University in 2017 after 6 years in wildlife research with academic and government institutions. As I found out during the first week of orientation, st...