CVE Team

Dr Simone Maher
Simone Maher
Promoted to CVE Director in 2021, Simone has already established strong relationships with both the CVE team and the wider veterinary community it serves. Two key goals are: implem...
Mrs Ines Borovic
Ines Borovic
Marketing and Sales Manager
Ines joined the CVE in 2013 as the Marketing and Sales Manager. In this role she develops and manages marketing strategies, campaigns and collateral that support educational progra...
Ms Joanne Moon
Joanne Moon
Business Service Manager
Joanne is the Business Services Manager at the CVE. She has over 30 years’ experience in finance, accounting and business administration in a number of industries including Motor,...
Mr Leo Adler
Leo Adler
Team Leader – Education Programs
Leo is a passionate animal lover who has rescued and adopted more animals than he can probably afford. He has a deep respect and admiration for the veterinary industry and has been...
Dr Richard Malik
Richard Malik
Valentine Charlton Consultant
Richard Malik has been involved with the PGF/CVE for nearly 30 years, having been invited by the Director at the time, Dr Doug Bryden, to help provide continuing veterinary educati...
Dr Susan Hemsley
Susan Hemsley
Education Program Developer
Sue joined the CVE in February 2014 as Education Program Developer. She graduated with a BVSc (Hons I) degree from the University of Sydney in 1986 then worked in private practice ...
Dr Erika Binying Tan
Erika Tan
Education Program Developer
Erika is an Education Program Developer at the CVE. She graduated with a BVSc (Hons) from Sydney University in 2005, then returned to Singapore to work in small animal practice, de...
Mrs Kelly C. Hill
Kelly Hill
Education Program Developer
Kelly joined the CVE as an Education Program Developer in 2018. She has a Masters of Adult Education and over 15 years’ experience in training in a range of disciplines including m...
Mrs Lis Churchward
Lis Churchward
Engagement Communications Specialist
Lis celebrated 25 years working for the CVE in July 2016. Building a strong CVE professional community has long been a key focus, to which end she completed a Masters of Marketing ...
Simone Howland
Simone Howland
Multimedia Officer
Simone is the Multimedia Officer at the CVE. Following her BA (Communication Studies) from the University of Newcastle, Simone spent a few years living and travelling abroad, durin...
Dr Joanne Krockenberger
Joanne Krockenberger
Editorial Assistant
Joanne Krockenberger began her veterinary life in a mixed rural practice after graduating from The University of Sydney. She then ventured overseas to locum and travel for a year b...
Mrs Samin Mirgheshmi
Samin Mirgheshmi
Design & Communication Officer
Sami joined the CVE as Design & Communication Officer in 2018. She has a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication and over 10 years’ experience in print, digital and social media. I...
Bonnie Blaxall
Bonnie Blaxall
Customer Service Officer
Bonnie joined the CVE in February 2017 as a Customer Service Officer. Extremely friendly and customer-oriented, Bonnie genuinely enjoys interacting with everyone and is a natural p...
Mr Jack Tempest
Jack Tempest
Customer Service Officer
Jack joined the CVE team in January 2019. He thrives in high volume, fast-paced environments combining high-level customer service and interpersonal skills with a voracious attenti...