Surgery of the Head and Neck I

Format: DVD
Author/s: Dr Howard Siem
Publication Date: 01/01/2009

Surgery of the Head and Neck I is a 2-disc set and includes 17 comprehensive procedures on DVD as well as the proceedings on CD with over 50 images.

This DVD/CD combination includes wound management, oronasal fistula repair, oral papillomatosis, feline nosectomy, maxillary fracture repair, ventral rhinotomy, rostral and segmental mandibulectomy, tongue amputation, surgical treatment of salivary mucocele, feline thyroidectomy and canine parathyroid exploratory.


  1. Shearing wound - face
  2. Oronasal fistula
  3. Oral papillomatosis
  4. Feline nosectomy
  5. Maxillary fracture repair
  6. Traumatic maxillectomy
  7. Ventral rhinotomy - FB
  8. Rostral mandibulectomy
  9. Segmental mandibulectomy
  10. Tongue amputation
  11. Cervical mucocele - 1
  12. Cervical mucocele - 2
  13. Pharyngeal mucocele
  14. Zygomatic sal mucocele
  15. Cervical mass - abscess
  16. Feline thyroidectomy
  17. Parathyroidectomy

Surgery of the Head and Neck I DVD

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