Thoracic Surgery Techniques I

Format: DVD
Author/s: Dr Howard Siem
Publication Date: 01/01/2009

This 2-disc set includes: 17 comprehensive procedures on DVD as well as the proceedings on CD with over 50 images.

This DVD/CD combination includes a technique for safe thoracentesis, placing a chest drain in a dog and cat using a feeding tube and trocar tube, intercostals thoracotomy, how to approach a PDA as well as tips on ligation technique, three cases of vascular ring anomaly (PRAA) in dogs and cats, managing pyothorax in the dog and cat, median sternotomy, surgical management of feline and canine chylothorax and a case of feline pulmonary fibrosis secondary to chylous effusion.


  1. Thoracentesis
  2. Feline chest drain - feeding tube
  3. Feline chest drain - trocar
  4. Canine chest drain - feeding tube
  5. Canine chest drain - trocar
  6. Intercostal thoracotomy
  7. PDA - approach
  8. PDA - ligation technique
  9. PRAA - canine case 1
  10. PRAA - canine case 2
  11. PRAA - feline
  12. Pyothorax - canine
  13. Median sternotomy
  14. Pyothroax - feline
  15. Chylothorax - canine
  16. Chylothorax - feline
  17. Pulmonary fibrosis

Thoracic Surgery Techniques I DVD

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