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  • By Sophie Huxley, 2017 CVE Student Ambassador

    On the 23rd of June I was lucky enough to attend* the CVE Dermatology Seminar in Perth. As I am only a fourth year student at Murdoch University, I was a bit nervous about joining qualified veterinarians at the course as I thought I wouldn’t know enough about the topics presented. Once I arrived I realised I had nothing to be nervous about! The speakers for the day were Dr Peter Hill, Dr Mandy Burrows and Dr Meng Siak. All of the topics were presented in a straightforward and understandable manner. Not only did I learn heaps of new things about veterinary dermatology but also everything I had learned at university so far was cemented in my brain for me! In addition it was a great chance to meet other veterinarians and everyone was so friendly. I highly recommend other students to attend these courses, especially if they are being held in your city! They are a great chance to meet the veterinarians in your area and will only improve your skills for when you become a qualified new grad. *Note: Sophie attended the seminar for free in her role as CVE Ambassador. The CVE has recruited volunteer Student Ambassadors at every Australasian university to spread the word about the Centre for Veterinary Education (CVE) and encourage all students to take advantage of the generous FREE Student Membership whose benefits mirror – and exceed – those provided to full-time veterinarians.

  • by Lis Churchward

    I remember feeling overwhelmed more times than I can count that first year out. Practice is just so…practical, and I certainly didn’t feel ‘practice ready’ when I graduated. I was really lucky that my first workplace had a CVE practice membership, which allowed me to enrol in my first TimeOnline course. TimeOnline are short, 4 week, highly practical and very easily digestible online courses on a wide variety of topics. My first one was Avian Medicine and I was hooked! Care of wildlife, pain management, managing diabetics, neonatal medicine, dermatology, behaviour, clinical pathology, emergencies in a variety of species, nutrition, pharmacology and the list goes on. After completing my TimeOnline courses, I feel confident and competent in a variety of areas that previously made me shudder when I saw them listed on the scheduler. Since moving onto a new role, I have maintained my CVE membership at my own expense.

  • by Lis Churchward

    Ever fancied yourself behind a camera, or maybe in a post-production role? Dreams are NOT free – but if you’re a CVE Member, they’ve just become a helluva lot more achievable! We know from recent breakfast discussions held with vets and from general feedback that many of you feel stressed and burnt out, and are looking for some emotional nourishment. Here’s your chance.  The CVE have negotiated a 10% discount off Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) courses at the University of Sydney (UoS) for all CVE Members. This is an amazing offer and equals the discount available to UoS employees. Big ideas. Short courses. Open to the general community, the CCE is the vehicle whereby the UoS – recognising the value of continuing education and lifelong learning for all – extends access to its resources and expertise to the public. The CCE offers an amazing range beginning with A at Arts & Humanities and ranging through to Travel. Investigate the range of courses available here: