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Control & Therapy Series

A unique veterinary forum containing wide-ranging and practical articles written by and for vets, it is much loved and each quarterly issue is eagerly anticipated. 

The Control & Therapy articles were started in 1969 by Director Dr Tom Hungerford. His aim was to publish uncensored and unedited material contributed by vets writing about:

"not what he/she should have done, BUT WHAT HE/SHE DID, right or wrong, the full details, revealing the actual 'blood and dung and guts' of real practice as it happened, when tired, at night, in the rain in the paddock, poor lighting, no other vet to help"


        3,000 – CAB audited as at September 2018

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C&T Series eBooks

  • C&T Series Issue 289

    December 2017
  • C&T Series Issue 288

    September 2017
  • C&T Series Issue 287

    June 2017
  • C&T Series Issue 286

    March 2017
  • C&T Series Issue 285

    December 2016
  • C&T Series Issue 284

    September 2016
  • C&T Series Issue 283

    June 2016
  • C&T Series Issue 282

    March 2016

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