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Adrenal Disease in Cats

Adrenal Diseases in Cats

Clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment of adrenal disease in cats

This PodcastPLUS aims to educate about adrenal disease in cats with a focus on the most common - hyperaldosteronism.

We will discuss clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment options. In addition we will also discuss some of the less common adrenal diseases such as hyperadrenocorticism, sex hormone secreting tumours and phaechromocytoma.

Learning Outcomes

Following this podcast, you will be able to:

  1. Recognise signalment, clinical signs and laboratory changes associated with hyperaldosteronism in cats.
  2. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of treatment options for hyperaldosteronism.
  3. Recognise signalment and clinical signs in patients that might be suggestive of other functional adrenal diseases and understand which further diagnostic methods would be appropriate.

Course Delivery

This PodcastPLUS comes with:

  • Access to a pre-recorded video podcast
  • A discussion forum for conversation, debate and information exchange with your peers and tutor
  • Access to further reading and/or resources 
  • A self-assessed multiple choice quiz to qualify for CPD
  • An electronic certificate available for download upon successful completion of the quiz.


Thursday 29 August 2019
Delivered Online



After graduating from the University of Queensland in 2000, Rachel worked in small animal practice in both Australia and the United Kingdom and received a "Cynthia Award" by the Feline Advisory Bureau for her dedication to cats.  Rachel completed three years as the Feline Advisory Bureau Senior Clinical Training Scholar at the University of Bristol. She is a member of the Feline Expert Panel, the Australian Heartworm Panel, a reviewer for the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, and a contributing author to the British Small Animal Veterinary Association Manual of Feline Practice.

Rachel now runs the Feline Friendly Practice at Veterinary Specialist Services in Brisbane, Australia.

Rachel has lectured extensively in the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia, and areas of interest include feline haematological disease, geriatric medicine and liver disease. She has a partially sighted cat (Maus), a terror of a Burmese (Moriarty) and two kids under 4.  She divides her spare time between them!

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