Sanaa Zaki
BVSc PhD GradCertEdStud (Higher Ed) MANZCVS (anaesthesia)
Associate Professor Sanaa Zaki is a veterinarian and biomedical researcher at the University of Sydney, and an educator within the DVM program. Her 2017 PhD investigated disease phenotype and pain relationships in mouse models of arthritis, after which Dr Zaki established the Translational Orthopaedic Pain Investigation Centre which investigates the pathways that contribute to the development of OA pain to inform drug discovery and therapeutic approaches. Her recent investigations included pre-clinical testing of novel OA therapies, characterisation of OA induced alterations in central processing of pain signals, and unravelling OA sex differences using whole genome deep sequencing. Within the DVM program, Dr Zaki teaches professional practice, which encompasses the foundational knowledge, skills, and attitudes central to being an effective veterinary practitioner.