Alison Kennedy-Benson | Centre for Veterinary Education

Alison Kennedy-Benson

BS (Biological Sciences) MS (Anthrozoology)

Alison graduated from Florida State University with a BS in Biological Sciences and from Canisius College with a MS in Anthrozoology. She spent 10 years translocating black and white rhinos for conservation programs in southern and east Africa.  After returning to the United States, Alison worked in sheltering and clinical practice and as an adjunct instructor in Santa Fe College’s Zoo Animal Technology Program. Alison currently serves as the Logistics Chief for the Florida State Emergency Mortuary Operations Response System, a state mass fatality response team, supporting Medical Examiners in the state of Florida during mass fatality incidents, and as a Program Coordinator for the Veterinary and Wildlife Forensic Sciences graduate programs at the University of Florida. She is also a professional responder for the ASPCA’s Field Investigations and Response team, assisting the forensic veterinarians on scene and with forensic examinations of confiscated animals and working as a veterinary assistant on the medical team for large scale cruelty and abuse cases and natural disasters.