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Judy Murray

Judy Murray, BA, is the Associate Director, Animal Welfare Training at Charles River. Judy has almost 20 years of training experience in laboratory animal medicine in both academic and corporate settings and is responsible for leading the development, evaluation and implementation of company-wide animal care, welfare and associated training initiatives at Charles River. Judy has a degree in Psychobiology with a concentration in animal behavior and began her career as a veterinary technician in private practice and Executive Assistant/IACUC Coordinator at Dartmouth College’s Animal Resource Center before joining Charles River in 2002. Since beginning her work in the field of laboratory animal medicine, Judy has presented at national and international meetings focusing on improving animal well-being through comprehensive, consistent training and proven competency, to assure employees are confident in their ability to undertake and perform activities involving animals; reducing stress for both the animals and those responsible for their care and welfare. Her latest endeavor is developing and implementing a Resiliency Building Program across the organization to reduce compassion stress and help employees deal with challenges presented be the nature of our work, which in turn impacts their care and compassion for the animals.