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Marnie Brennan


Marnie graduated with a veterinary science degree from Murdoch University in 1998 and spent several years working in mixed practice in Australia and the UK.  She worked for the State Veterinary Service during the foot and mouth disease outbreak in the UK in 2001, and afterwards in ‘peacetime’.  Between 2005 and 2008 Marnie conducted a PhD in veterinary epidemiology entitled ‘Contacts between cattle farms and their role in pathogen transmission’ at the University of Liverpool.  She worked for the Veterinary Laboratories Agency in the UK before joining the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, University of Nottingham, in February 2009.

Marnie is currently Assistant Professor in Epidemiology and is Deputy Director of the Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine, where she is involved in a number of projects working directly with practitioners and clients.

The Centre aims to enhance the research that is utilised for clinical decision-making, by facilitating vets becoming more involved in research prioritisation and enhancing their role as consumers of research.  This includes the creation of BestBETs for Vets, an online evidence resource for practitioners, and the use of clinical audit in practice, specifically farm animal practice.