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Rebecca Halligan


Rebecca began her career as a veterinarian and worked in practice and on animal welfare programs in the UK, Greece, Australia and the north of Canada.  She has been involved in initiatives to humanely control animal populations including wolves, kangaroos, dogs and large numbers of cats in rural and remote locations.

Rebecca moved to Australia in 2000 and worked in the Animal Health industry in research, development and regulatory affairs.  She led a team that successfully developed and registered vaccines, parasiticides and a range of other products for use in farm and companion animals.

In 2009, Rebecca joined the University of Sydney as the Director of Research Integrity.  In this role she is responsible for supporting and administering the human research ethics committees, the animal ethics committees, laboratory animal services, clinical trials and research integrity, including the process for investigating research related complaints and allegations of research misconduct.

In 2014 and 2015, Rebecca was seconded to the Brain and Mind Centre as Chief Operating Officer.  In 2017 and 2018 she was the Chair of the Group of Eight Research Integrity Working Group. In 2018 she led the development of strategy for clinical trials at the University.