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Vanessa Barrs

BVSc (Hons) PhD MVetClinStud MANZCVS (Small Animal) FANZCVS (Feline) GradCertEd

Vanessa is Head of Small Animal Medicine at the University of Sydney and is a registered Specialist in Feline Medicine. Vanessa was pivotal in establishing the Valentine Charlton Cat Centre, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary of providing excellent feline healthcare. Vanessa has particular expertise in respiratory and endocrine disease of cats and is an internationally renowned infectious diseases researcher. She discovered the fungal species Aspergillus felis in cats and researches Aspergillus fungal infections in many different animal species, as well as parasitic diseases including lungworm and toxoplasmosis, and viruses including feline calicivirus and parvoviruses of cats and dogs.

Vanessa is President of the International Society of Companion Animal Infectious Diseases and is on the Advisory Board of the Marie Bashir Institute of Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity at the University of Sydney. Vanessa lectures frequently to veterinarians nationally and internationally and has authored over 120 refereed publications and book chapters.