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Student Ambassadors

Year 4, BVSc, Charles Sturt University

Erica is 22-year-old vet science student in her fourth year at CSU. Erica is from a little town about 45 minutes west of Geelong called Colac. Aspiring to be predominantly an equine veterinarian and wanting to specialise in h... read more

Year 3, BVSc, Charles Sturt University

I’m a third year vet student at CSU. I also have a Bachelor in Animal Science where I focused primarily on Biomedicine, in the field of clinical pathology, as well as Livestock production. I love pathology as well as herd hea... read more

Year 1, DVM, James Cook University

Equine veterinary practise has always been at the forefront of my interests; stud hand to ambulatory equine assistant to sports medicine and rehabilitation equine veterinary nurse. My end game as an equine veterinarian is to... read more

Year 4, BVSc, James Cook University

I am a fourth year veterinary science student at James Cook University in Townsville. I was lucky enough to become a CVE member early on in my degree and have used the resources available to student members countless tim... read more

Year 3, BVSc, Massey University

Hi everyone! I'm a third year veterinary student at Massey University, in New Zealand. As a strong believer in hands-on learning, I am president of the 'Massey SPCA Desexing Clinic', which aims to provide affordable cat desex... read more

Year 3, BVSc, Massey University

I’m a third year Veterinary Science student at Massey University in New Zealand. I’m thoroughly enjoying the degree and when I’m not studying you’ll find me out on a bike or with the horses, my other passions aside from my dr... read more

Year 2 BSc/DVM, Murdoch University

Hello! I'm Lauren, and I am a second-year vet student at Murdoch University. My background is in animal health and disease, having previously done a BSc (Hons) focusing on the response of abalone respiration to heat stress. A... read more

Year 1, DVM, University of Adelaide

Hi, my name is Emma and I've just entered my DVM this year which has been super exciting! It's a huge workload but I love a challenge. I've owned animals all my life from hermit crabs and birds to dogs and cats. My current pu... read more

Year 2, DVM, University of Adelaide

Hi my name is Stephanie Oliphant. I am the new CVE ambassador for University of Adelaide, I am currently in my second year of my 6 year Veterinary degree after doing 5 years of previous Zoology and animal Bachelors. I am very... read more

Year 2, DVM, University of Melbourne

My name is Lorna and I'm excited to be involved with CVE via their Ambassador Program in 2019! I first heard about CVE through our previous ambassador and met them again at the recent student conference in Melbourne. I love t... read more

Year 4, DVM, University of Melbourne

My name is Sarah Wilde and I am a DVM4 student at Melbourne University. I live with my partner and our two crazy dogs Kobe and Pippa who I absolutely adore. I have a real love of fitness, having played basketball and competed... read more

Year 3, BVSc, University of Queensland

I find veterinary medicine very interesting and I want to learn as much as possible. However, this profession is constantly growing and getting better each day. Therefore, I want to help others stay on track with the most cur... read more

Year 3, BVSc, University of Queensland

I'm in my third year of Vet Science at the University of Queensland. The closer to graduation I get the more exciting it is! As our learning will never stop, I think being a CVE student ambassador is a great opportunity to un... read more

Year 2, DVM, University of Sydney

My name is Sharon Koren and I am DVM2 candidate at the University of Sydney. I chose to become a CVE student ambassador due to my passion for expanding my clinical knowledge. I am also a Hills Student Representative and... read more

Year 2, DVM, University of Sydney

My name is Matthew Norton. I became involved with the CVE after working with Dr Robin Stanley, a previous Tom Hungerford Award recipient that has established and tutors a number of CVE courses in... read more

Year 2, BVBio & DVM, University of Sydney

After graduating her first degree in 3D animation, Mimi went traveling and took on a volunteer role as a zoo keeper assistant. That was when she realised her true passion lies in animal care. Mimi believes in helping those wh... read more

Year 3, DVM, University of Sydney

I started the DVM at Sydney University in 2017 after 6 years in wildlife research with academic and government institutions. As I found out during the first week of orientation, studying at Sydney has the advantage of the rel... read more