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T.G. Hungerford Award

Tom Hungerford

The T.G. Hungerford award was instituted on the retirement of the first Director Dr T.G. Hungerford OBE who made an enormous contribution to the veterinary profession and its continued development.

The Hungerford Award continues to honour the tradition of recognising excellence in continuing veterinary education.

So splendid is their performance they adorn the awards for excellence now conferred upon them.

T.G. Hungerford


 T.G. Hungerford Award Recipients – Excellence in Continuing Veterinary Education

The T.G. Hungerford Award for 2016 was presented to Dr Terry King. The citation (pdf) was presented by Hugh White.

Terry's biography

The T.G. Hungerford Award for 2015 was presented to Dr Stephen Page. The citation (pdf) was presented by Jill Maddison. Read Stephen's response (pdf) and view our video.

Stephen's biography

The T.G Hunderford Award was not awarded between 2012 – 2014.

Steven Holloway was honoured as the 2011 winner of this prestigious award at the 2012 annual Tom Hungerford Banquet and Social Dinner. 
You can read the citation (pdf) for Steven here. Listen to speeches (24 mins, mp3).

Steven's biography

2010 - Robin Stanley
In February 2011 congratulations went to Dr Robin Stanley for the 2010 Tom Hungerford Award. This is the citation (pdf) and Robin's response (pdf) from that special night.

2009 – Boyd Jones
2008 – Karen Hoffman
2007 – Paul Canfield
2006 – Wing Tip Wong and Glen Edwards

2005 – Victor Menrath
2004 – Russell Mitten
2003 – No Awarded
2002 – Richard Malik
2001 – David Church

2000 – Jill Maddison 
1995 – 1999 / Not Awarded
1994 – D.C. Blood
1993 – Graeme Allan
1992 – Richard LeCouteur
1991 – Reuben Rose
1990 – Susan Shaw
1989 – Christopher Bellenger
1988 – Jakob Malmo
1987 – R.R. Pascoe