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Feline Medicine CPD Bundles

Upskill in Feline Medicine.

Enrol in 3 feline focused TimeOnline courses during 2020 to receive a 20% discount on the bundle. TimeOnline is a quality online education program delivered by veterinary experts in short, manageable time frames. 

Each of these courses was reviewed and approved by the AAVSB RACE program for 10 hours of continuing education. Each course takes approximately 10 hours to complete over 4 weeks. On completion of these three TimeOnline courses you will be entitled to 30 CE / CPD Points. We have created two bundles for you to choose from:


Feline Medicine CPD Bundles I

  • Epilepsy in Dogs & Cats - starts 30 March
  • Masterclass in Diabetes Management in Dogs & Cats - starts 27 July 
  • Feline Emergencies - starts 14 September


Feline Medicine CPD Bundles II

  • Epilepsy in Dogs & Cats - starts 30 March
  • Masterclass in Diabetes Management in Dogs & Cats - starts 27 July
  • Feline Behaviour - starts 21 September

​These course bundle offers have limited places.

Epilepsy in Dogs & Cats

30 March - 26 April

Steven De Decker


Increase your confidence by learning how basic theoretical concepts can be used to make individualised clinical decisions for the epileptic patient.

The violent and unpredictable nature of seizures can cause severe emotional distress to owners of affected pets. It is therefore important that clients with epileptic animals are supported by their veterinary surgeon. A relationship based on mutual respect and a sound understanding of the basic principles of epilepsy are the key components of successful management. In this course we will focus on clinical decision making, common pronlems, and recent developments in canine and feline epilepsy.



  1. Seizures: what, when and how to treat
  2. Epilepsy in cats
  3. Status epilepticus and cluster seizures
  4. Common problems in epilepsy – what if they don’t respond to treatment

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Masterclass in Diabetes Management in Dogs & Cats

27 July - 23 August

Linda Fleeman


Take the stress out of the management of diabetic dogs and cats.

This course will provide practical guidelines that will enable you to achieve successful outcomes for your diabetic patients.

Learn about protocols that are easy to follow, new improved treatment and monitoring tools such as insulin dosing pens and continuous subcutaneous glucose monitors, and tips on how to take the stress out of the management of diabetic dogs and cats with concurrent illnesses. 


  1. Treatment of the sick diabetic
  2. Long term management of the diabetic cat
  3. Long term management of the diabetic dog
  4. Remission in cats, glucose meters and diabetic neuropathy

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Feline Emergencies

14 September - 11 October

Trudi Mcalees

An introduction to emergency medicine with particular emphasis on treating cats, including triage, shock and fluid therapy and treatment of common toxicities.

Much of what we do in veterinary emergency medicine is extrapolated from human medicine and while we learn more about the unique pathophysiology of disease and responses to treatment in cats, evidence for emergency treatment in cats is scarce. 

This course will present the latest evidence based approach to feline emergency, combined with tutors personal experience treating cats in the emergency setting, and will get you up to speed in the key areas needed to provide effective emergency care to cats. The course covers triage, shock and fluid therapy, as well as treatment of common toxicities. The unique aspects of caring for cats in the emergency and critical care settings will also be addressed.


  1. Emergency Triage of the Cat, Emergency Database Blood Tests
  2. Shock and Fluid Therapy in Cats including Transfusion Medicine
  3. Feline Critical Care
  4. Feline Toxicities

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Feline Behaviour

21 September - 18 October

Sarah Heath

The aim of this course is to increase awareness of feline behavioural medicine, to educate about normal feline behaviour and how it influences the lives of domestic cats.

There will be emphasis on the importance of recognising and controlling stress in domestic cats and the way in which this impacts on general veterinary practice.

Discussion of the interplay between emotional and physical disease will be an important part of the course. Participants will be encouraged to consider feline welfare in the context of feline behavioural medicine.


  1. Normal feline behaviour and behavioural needs
  2. Rearing kittens for life as domestic pets
  3. Advising clients about how behavioural considerations affect owning a feline companion
  4. Teaching veterinary practice staff how behavioural considerations affect working with cats in general practice
  5. The link between behaviour and disease states in feline patients
  6. Approaching a client’s concerns over their cat’s behaviour – taking histories and making diagnoses
  7. Offering appropriate advice about common behavioural problems
  8. Knowing how and when to refer cases


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What is a TimeOnline?

Flexible and affordable short online CPD

TimeOnline is a quality online education program delivered by veterinary experts, in short, manageable timeframes. You will be engaging with your tutor/s and other participants through an active discussion forum and other online resources including a set of concise core notes, video presentations, case studies, images, useful links, and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge and complete your CPD requirements. All participants receive an electronic certificate upon successful completion of the course. 

Complete at your own pace over 4 weeks to earn 10-20 CPD points (depending on the course)


Monday 30 March - Sunday 18 October 2020
Delivered Online

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