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Pain Management

Pain Management

The negative physiological effects of poorly controlled pain are well documented and as veterinarians we recognise the importance of using effective pain relief strategies both with respect to disease management, patient care and well-being.

This course is ideal for vets and vet nurses who want to brush up on their knowledge of analgesics and be updated on the latest techniques available for managing acute and chronic pain in small animals. It aims to develop your knowledge and clinical decision making by providing an update and review of drug efficacy and administration techniques, as well as taking an evidence based approach to the use of ‘off-label’ opioids.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of pain, its physiology, assessment and the evaluation of the efficacy of pain relief
  • Have a better understanding of the clinical pharmacology of key analgesics including opioids, non-steroidals and local anaesthetics
  • Have reviewed a number of implementation techniques including: infusion techniques, local anaesthetic techniques and nerve blocks
  • Gain an understanding of the issues faced in multi modal analgesia


  1. Clinical Pharmacology
  2. Analgesic Techniques
  3. Understanding Pain
  4. Multi-modal Analgesia


Monday 23 September - Sunday 20 October 2019
Delivered Online


Course Fees

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Recent Grad / Part-time Member$303
Student Member$152
Non-member / eMember$607
*Members include: Practice, Professional and Academic members