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Feline Surgery & Medicine 2008, Valentine Charlton Memorial

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N Evans, M Gunew, S Lemin, R Malik, R Marshall, F Musca
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The Feline Surgery and Medicine event, Valentine Charlton Memorial Conference, was held at Brisbane's Holiday Inn in Queensland, on 21-22 June, 2008. This is the digital proceedings of the event that continues the PGF's proud tradition of feline continuing education and introduced a new team of talented tutors. All but one came from a feline-only practice, and all work in large, busy facilities that see primary accession and also referred cases.

Their topics reflect this melding of common disease conditions, more exotic entities and new syndromes. This comprehensive program includes solid conceptual approaches to the management of common and important cat diseases, including Squamous cell carcinoma, the cholangiohepatitis complex, Hepatic lipidosis, Diabetes mellitus, Megacolon, Pertineal hernia and Hyperthyroidism and its treatment with radioiodine and surgery.

More novel concepts explored are the use of ultrasound in working up lower and urinary tract conditions of cats, the diagnosis and management of ureteric obstruction (are you missing this difficult diagnosis?), Hyperparathyroidism (are you also missing this entity, which is eminently treatable and more common than you think), unique features of critical care medicine applicable to feline patients, and new concepts in diagnostic reasoning and clinical decision-making.

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