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Ophthalmic Examination in Cats and Dogs Video

Mark Billson, Corrina Klupiec
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A practical guide for general practitioners interested in ophthalmology, Drs Mark Billson and Corinna Klupiec examine the principles and protocols of ophthalmic examination in cats and dogs. With excellent production values, this outstanding video (a digitised version of the DVD) is a fantastic visual medium in which to improve and learn more about the applied approach to ophthalmic examination in both cats and dogs.

See an excerpt of the video below -


  • Principles of Ophthalmic Examination
  • Equipment
  • Ophthalmic Examination Protocol – an applied approach
    • Signalment & history
    • Examination under normal light
      • Examination from a distance
      • Orbits, Globes & Eyelid Position
      • Close Examination
      • Schirmer Tear Test Type I
      • Ocular Touch Reflexes
      • Vision Testing
      • Retropulsion
    • Examination with a light source
      • Cornea
      • Anterior Chamber, Iris & Lens
      • Pupillary light Reflex
      • Dazzle Reflex
    • Ophthalmoscopy
      • The direct ophthalmoscope
      • Distant direct ophthalmoscopy
      • Close direct ophthalmoscopy
      • The indirect ophthalmoscope
      • Indirect ophthalmoscopy
      • The normal fundus
      • Fundus abnormalities
    • Fluorescein
      • Corneal integrity
      • Nasalacrimal patency – includes tear duct flush
    • Tonometry
      • The Schioetz Tonometer
      • Applanation Tonometers
    • Further assessment of Glaucoma

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