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Practical Techniques in Urinary Surgery I DVD

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Dr Howard Siem
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Feline urethrostomy can be tricky. This DVD illustrates key points in the procedure to ensure success. If the perineal urethra is not available for urethrostomy, a technique of pubic urethrostomy can be used to salvage the patient. Techniques used for penile amputation and penile urethrotomy are illustrated.

Occasionally, bulldogs prolapse their urethra. A simple technique used to replace and secure the prolapsed tissue is illustrated. Several cases of patients presenting with uroabdomen are used to illustrate a variety of surgical management techniques.

Cystourethroplasy is occasionally used to treat urinary incontinence. The technique is illustrated in a clinical case.

Several diagnostic techniques for identifying ureteral ectopia are shown. Transplantation of ectopic ureters can be successfully performed using several techniques. The author illustrates each technique on several clinical patients.

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