The Economics of Welfare in Intensive Farming
Robert Dixon Animal Welfare Memorial Symposium 2013
This years' annual Robert Dixon Animal Welfare Memorial Symposium was titled 'The Economics of Welfare in Intensive Farming'.

Chair -
Dr Chris Degeling - Centre for Values, Ethics and the Law in Medicine

Panel -
Mr John Cordina - Cordina, Producer of accredited free range and other poultry meat
Dr Raf Freire - Charles Sturt University, Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare
Mr Grant Hilliard - Feather and Bone, Vendors of high welfare meat
Dr Bidda Jones - RSPCA Australia, Chief Scientist, Ms Kathleen Plowman - Australian Pork Limited, General Manager (Policy)
Mr Philip Szepe - Kinross Farm
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Panel of experts
Duration: 1:15:01
Monday, 25 March 2013
Topic/s: welfare, intensive farming, ethics

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