Why Animal Welfare Matters in Veterinary Education?
Robert Dixon Animal Welfare Memorial Symposium 2015
This years' annual Robert Dixon Animal Welfare Memorial Symposium was titled 'Why Animal Welfare Matters in Veterinary Education?' and explores what constitutes ethical and sustainable use of animals in veterinary education.

Chair: Dr Chris Degeling (Centre for Values, Ethics and Law in Medicine) 

Dr Anne Fawcett, The University of Sydney
Prof. Andrew Fisher, The University of Melbourne
Dr Raf Freire, Charles Sturt University
Dr Susan Hazel, The University of Adelaide
Dr Jennifer Hood, Animal Welfare Consultant
Dr Janice Lloyd, James Cook University
Prof Kevin Stafford, Massey University
Ms Joy Verrinder, The University of Queensland
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Panel of experts
Duration: 1:48:54
Monday, 23 March 2015
Topic/s: welfare, ethics, greyhounds, pound animals, ethics committee, dissection, vivisection, recovery surgery, teaching, practical skills, euthanasia

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