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Bone Plating Workshop

Bone Plating Workshop

Improve your skills in treating bone fractures

Open reduction and internal fixation of fractures using bone plates and screws is a common and effective modality of treatment for fracture management in small animal practice. This workshop is designed to allow participants to use and appreciate the instruments employed to correctly and effectively apply bone plates and screws for simple fracture fixation in long bones. 

Principles of bone plating and screw application will be revised over a series of lectures with case studies used to highlight these principles. This will be followed with a practical session where participants will practice surgical approaches to the femur, tibia, humerus, and radius on a cadaver. Simple fractures will be created and all participants will have the opportunity to apply a compression and a neutralisation plate.

'A thoroughly enjoyable and informative workshop which has given me a new skill set to refine in our practice. I look forward to more in the future.'

Tom Osmond, Townsville Vet Clinic

Learning Objectives

On successful completion of this course:

  • Participants will appreciate and understand the recommended guidelines for application of screws and plates.
  • Participants will recognise the instruments and equipment required for bone plating.
  • Participants will have practised the steps in application of the functions of bone screw.
  • Participants will have practised the steps in application of bone plate. 


The CVE will provide a battery-powered drill, plate benders, gloves and implants for the exercises in the laboratory sessions.

Catering (lunch, morning tea) and workshop notes are also provided.

Participant Equipment Requirements

Please bring scrubs or suitable protective clothing and footwear for the workshop.

Please also bring the equipment listed below so that you get the most benefit from the day and have the right equipment for the procedures in the future. 

Failure to bring these instruments will impede your ability to participate in the practical sessions.

1.  Protective clothing

2.  Surgical kit containing:

  • Scalpel and scissors
  • Adson tissue forceps
  • Senn retractor
  • Periosteal elevator
  • Hohmann retractor

3.  Plating kit which should contain:

  • 2.0mm, 2.7mm, 2.5mm and 3.5mm drill bits
  • 2.7mm and 3.5mm taps and tap handle
  • 2.5mm hexagonal screw driver for 2.7/3.5mm cortex screws
  • 2.7/3.5 depth gauge
  • 2.7/3.5mm countersink
  • Load/neutral drill guides for 2.7mm and 3.5mm plates
  • Combination drill, tap and insert sleeve for 2.7mm AND 3.5mm cortex screws
  • 1 x small curved serrated reduction forceps
  • 1 x small pointed fragment forceps

4.  Highly Recommended: A stainless steel lidded box to contain your  instruments for steam sterilisation.

5.  Radiographs from two cases for discussion of long bone fractures you have encountered or treated.

Note: Plating is a technically exact procedure and having the correct instruments is imperative.

Some suppliers will supply these instruments as a package.

Recommended Prep

This workshop is hands-on and very intensive. To help you prepare, we will send you the workshop notes in advance. To further assist with preparation for this workshop, we also recommend you purchase and watch Wing Tip’s A Practical Guide to Bone Plating, which is available to workshop participants at a discounted price of $55.   Please call for this special rate - (02) 9351 7979.

Otherwise the DVD or digital movie can be purchased through the Vetbookshop. (Note: Discount will not apply)


Tuesday 10 November 2020
8.30 - 5.30
Early Bird
7 Sept 2020
Veterinary Science Conference Centre
Regimental Drive
Camperdown NSW



Wing Tip Wong has spent most of his professional career as a clinician and teacher. He worked for several years in private practice in Malaysia and returned to the University of Melbourne in 1988 to work at the Veterinary Clinic and Hospital. From 1999 he spent 14 months as staff surgeon in private referral practice. He then returned to The University of Melbourne to become a consultant surgeon (orthopaedics and neurosurgery) in the Veterinary Clinic and Hospital as well as senior fellow in the Department of Veterinary Science until his retirement from the University in 2014. He is currently a visiting orthopaedic surgeon to various practices around Melbourne and also mentors at several clinics. He continues to run hip and stifle and basic bone plating workshops for the CVE. He is a passionate educator and a long-standing co-tutor in the CVE Surgery DE course. He has produced two outstanding DVDs for the CVE - A Practical Guide to Basic Bone Plating and Surgical Approaches to the Bones and Joints of the Dog, which are used by veterinarians around the world and have been translated into Japanese and Chinese.

Course Fees

Member typeEarly birdFull rate
Non-member / eMemberN/A$1718
*Members include: Practice, Professional, Part-time, Recent Graduate and Academic members


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