Common Canine and Feline Soft Tissue Surgery Procedures

Format: MP4 download
Author/s: Dr Howard Siem
Publication Date: 01/01/2010

Common Canine and Feline Soft Tissue Surgery Procedures is an extremely useful visual resource for all recent graduates and for those veterinarians who wish to quickly review certain procedures. It is also a handy reference for senior undergraduate students to enhance their learning experience.

These clips have been prepared and presented by Dr Howard Seim. Each procedure is described in step by step detail while the surgeon performs the surgery. The video is divided into 19 chapters which can be accessed as stand-alone titles covering aspects of gastrointestinal surgery and urogenital surgery as well as splenectomy, tracheostomy, aural haematoma and other surgeries.

This video is available in DVD or MP4 format.

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  1. Gastric Surgery
  2. Enterotomy
  3. Intestinal anastamosis
  4. Visceral biopsy - liver
  5. Visceral biopsy - canine pancreas
  6. Visceral biopsy - feline pancreas
  7. Visceral biopsy - intestine
  8. Incisional gastropexy
  9. Canine calculi
  10. Splenectomy
  11. C-section – puppy care
  12. C-section – canine OHE
  13. C-section – feline OHE
  14. Pyometra
  15. E-tube placement
  16. Tracheostomy
  17. Stenotic nares
  18. Soft palate resection
  19. Auricular haematoma

Common Canine & Feline Soft Tissue Surgery Procedures MP4

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