Format: DVD
Author/s: Dr Howard Siem
Publication Date: 01/01/1970

Sutures in Veterinary Surgery

In Sutures in Veterinary Surgery Dr Howard Seim shares his preferred suturing techniques in this very useful and practical DVD. For veterinary undergraduate students this will be a 'must have' as it provides a simple resource detailing the various suture options for many different situations. Even for the practising veterinarian, the DVD will provide a useful reference as it covers a range of topics including surgeries which may not be performed regularly.

The DVD has 18 chapters which can be accessed individually and each chapter gives a clear, concise and practical description of the technique with excellent visual images.


  1. 'Sticky' slip knot
  2. Bury the knot
  3. Enterotomy
  4. Cystotomy closure
  5. Abdominal closure
  6. Intestinal anastamosis
  7. Cystotomy – stay sutures
  8. Soft palate resection
  9. Chinese finger trap
  10. Tie–over bandage
  11. Liver biopsy
  12. Gastric resection
  13. Splenectomy
  14. Ectopic ureter
  15. Dog bite wound
  16. Gastropexy
  17. Pyothorax – staple
  18. Split-shot wound management

Sutures in Veterinary Surgery DVD

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