Let’s celebrate the amazing veterinary profession

Vet Cookbook II is on the horizon – with your help! 

It will be a celebration of all things veterinary, the days when everything went well and the days when it didn’t: Let’s celebrate the wins! 🎉

Vets, techs, nurses, practice managers, receptionists, groomers etc. are people of many hidden talents: artists, musicians, poets. We’d love to showcase some of those talents in this next edition. 

It’s going to be second collector’s item, a coffee table showpiece, so don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this celebration. As well asor instead ofrecipes, please send in suitable artwork, photography, poetry etc. 

Supporting our profession

The CVE is again donating resources and expertise free of charge to design, deliver and market the second edition of the Vet Cookbook. Thanks to the contributors and sponsors who made the first Vet Cookbook happen.


Contact us [email protected]

About the Vet Cookbook

It’s been 6 (!) years since the publication of the Vet Cookbook, a truly collaborative venture that brought together the veterinary profession, industry, universities, family members and loved ones of vet professionals in support of better mental health. It was a resounding success—we still get emails asking to purchase a copy—thanks to everyone who started the ball rolling by contributing a recipe or an article.

The Vet Cookbook was the brainchild of a group of Vets and Vet Nurses: Jenna, Anne, Deepa and Asti with son Bear. (Photo by Pierre Mardaga, mydogsterritory.com.au)