EmerAid a division of Lafeber is a third-generation, family business owned by veterinarian, Dr. Ted Lafeber. His deep concern for the lives of animals motivates him to create state-of-the-art emergency foods. He works with a team of top veterinary professionals, nutritionists, and rehabilitators to create the optimum mix of ingredients. EmerAid is made in the countryside of Illinois, USA, on Dr. Lafeber’s great grandfather’s farm. EmerAid is carefully prepared with equipment specifically designed for making small batches of very high-quality, critical-care and recovery foods. EmerAid began in 1985 when founder, Dr. Lafeber, Sr., created EmerAid I and II for veterinary use to help save sick birds. Veterinary professionals across the US were amazed at how many birds they were able to save using EmerAid. To save more animals, Dr Lafeber and his team created Intensive Care Omnivore, Herbivore, Carnivore, and Piscivore to cover a broad range of exotic and wildlife animals. In 2015, after four years of research, they launched Intensive Care HDN (Highly Digestible Nutrition) and Sustain HDN for dogs and cats. As with the EmerAid for exotic animals, veterinary professionals and owners are astonished at how this semi-elemental nutrition saves dogs and cats and helps them live longer and stronger. emeraid.com/vet/veterinarians