Dr Sandra Forsyth
Sandra Forsyth
Sandra Forsyth has had a mixed career having been in practice, undertaken a residency in anaesthesia and critical care, gained her boards in Anaesthesia and taught anaesthesia and critical care at Massey University for 12 years. Late nights, emergency call-outs and backache from moving sleeping horses, prompted a change in direction and as analysing blood results had been an inspiring part of both anaesthesia and critical care, Sandra’s new direction was determined when an opening arose in the clinical pathology department at the university. This was followed by a dual position in a diagnostic lab and teaching at the university, moving to full time diagnostic pathology in 2016. She loves her work, especially the interaction with veterinarians and working through the exciting and unusual cases that they provide. Sandra is a co-tutor with Trudi McAlees in the CVE DE course on Emergency Medicine as well as running her own DE course in Clinical Pathology.