Xander Huizing
Xander is a board-certified specialist in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (DipECVDI). As such, he spends his days working with ultrasound, radiography, CT, MRI and fluoroscopy trying to make other clinicians look good. He has worked in referral and academia in Australia and Europe. He is the Director of The Austin Animal Radiology and provides an imaging service to the vets of Adelaide and South Australia (and anybody else who will offer him a cup of tea and biscuit). Xander is passionate about radiology and education. He strongly believes in the synergistic value of a veterinary radiologist and the added value they bring to a hospital. Xander loves helping people improve their imaging skills (and becoming a better vet than he is). He has taught numerous vets, nurses, students, interns and residents whilst working as a clinical radiologist.