Tracheal Collapse WebinarLIVE!
Philip Moses
Duration: 1:16:56
Wednesday, 17 June 2020
Topic/s: Tracheal collapse
Tracheal collapse is a condition primarily affecting older toy and miniature breeds of dogs. The condition is characterized by progressive weakening of the cartilaginous tracheal rings resulting in collapse of the trachea.
Tracheal collapse may be congenital, however is more commonly acquired. Tracheal collapse may affect the extra-thoracic or intra-thoracic trachea and is a dynamic and progressive condition.

In this informative and engaging lecture Philip Moses examines the aetiology, diagnosis and treatment options, both medical and surgical, for this debilitating and very common condition.

With over 20 years’ experience treating airway disorders in dogs Philip is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading authorities on surgical management of airway disease in dogs and cats.
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