Does Australia Breed Companion Animals Ethically?
Robert Dixon Animal Welfare Memorial Symposium 2014
This years' annual Robert Dixon Animal Welfare Memorial Symposium was titled 'Does Australia Breed Companion Animals Ethically?' and discusses the ethical considerations in the production and management of cats and dogs intended as companions.

Chair: Dr Chris Degeling (Centre for Value, Ethivs and Law in Medicine)

Dr Linda Beer (vet and dog breeder), Dr Andrew Cornwell (NSW MP, Chair of the NSW Companion Animal Taskforce)
Ms Maryann Dalton (Pet Industry Association of Australia executive officer)
Dr Karen Hedberg (vet, breeder, judge and Chair of the Canine Health and Wellbeing Committee)
Bidda Jones (RSPCA Australia Chief Scientist)
Professor Richard Malik (small animal specialist)
Professor Claire Wade (geneticist)
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Panel of experts
Duration: 1:22:55
Thursday, 27 March 2014
Topic/s: welfare, ethics, over-breeding, inherited disorders, extreme morphotypes, breed standards, registered breeders, backyard breeders, pet shop, puppy farm, unwanted animal, suffering euthanasia

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