Emerging Infectious Diseases
The sudden appearance of COVID-19 on the world stage reminds us of how pliable and adaptable we need to be in applying our broad veterinary skills to new and emerging infectious disease in animals and humans.
In Australian small animal practice, we have seen the emergence or re-emergence of resilient and dangerous pathogens, both veterinary specific and those with potential for transmission between a wider range of hosts. Join Jacqui Norris (Sydney School of Veterinary Science) for a discussion of the epidemiology and diagnosis of emerging infectious diseases veterinary professionals need to be most aware, including those in which cats and dogs are not a sources or victim.

Learning outcomes:

- Discuss the epidemiology of emerging infectious diseases and the potential role that cats and dogs may or may not play
- Apply your knowledge of the pathogenesis of these emerging infectious diseases to outline the best diagnostic approach
- Explore the fundamentals of the treatment, prevention and control of emerging infectious disease in small animal practice
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Jacqui Norris
Duration: 57:28
Thursday, 26 March 2020
Topic/s: infectious diseases

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