End-of-life decisions in non-production animals
At this years' Robert Dixon Animal Welfare Memorial Symposium (2020), the panel explored the idea that most animals in our care are not left to die without human intervention. What form should that intervention take and when should it be delivered?
This special Sydney Ideas event celebrates the 10th Annual Robert Dixon Memorial Animal Welfare Symposium and explores a series of critical questions regarding companion, performance and wild animals.

Increasingly, people see companion animals as 'part of the family.' Pet bereavement is more widely recognised.

The treatment of animals used in work, sport, recreation and display can draw strong, emotional responses from the public.

Considering we don't euthanase humans, how do we navigate through the ethics of conduct in this space and the potential conflicts of interest?

In the 2020 Robert Dixon Memorial Symposium, our panel will discuss factors that influence end-of-life decisions.

Dr Larry Vogelnest, Senior Veterinarian, Taronga Conservation Society
Dr Martin F. Lenz, Queensland Racing Integrity Commission
Dr Emma Whiston, Veterinary Home Euthanasia Service
Dr Peter Bennett, Associate Professor in Oncology and Small Animal Medicine, University of Sydney
Dr Kat Littlewood, Lecturer in Animal Welfare, Massey University New Zealand
Chair: Dr Bidda Jones, Chief Science & Strategy Officer, RSPCA Australia

This event is presented in collaboration with the Centre for Veterinary Education, in memory of the late Dr Robert Dixon. For many years, Robert held the faculty position of Associate Dean for Animal Welfare while serving on the University's Animal Ethics Committee.
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Panel of experts
Duration: 1:01:35
Thursday, 03 September 2020
Topic/s: animal welfare, Robert Dixon

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