The Retina and Systemic Diseases
The retina is a viewing prism into the body. Intepreting the retina can give us clues as to what is happening to our systemically ill patient.
Diabetes, lymphoma, Vitamin E deficiencies, Ivermectin toxicity can all causes retinal changes. This CVE WebinarLIVE! is focused on how to use the retina as part of your diagnostic tool kit for your patients. Presenter veterinary ophthalmology Anu O'Reilly will explore everything for instrumentation, basic anatomy of retina and various systemic disease in dogs and cats and breakdown the retinal changes into easy steps.
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Anu O'Reilly
BVSc, MVS, MACVSc, Certificate in Veterinary Ophthalmology Small Animal Medicine, FANZCVS (Veterinary Ophthalmology)
Duration: 1:30
Wednesday, 13 April 2022
Topic/s: ophthalmology

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